Red Dog

Red Dog Is Considered a Variant of Poker

Not all casino games designers have produced a version of Red Dog, so you will not find it at every online casino. At all Real Time Gaming online casinos, you will, however, be able to play their version of Red Dog. Red Dog is considered a variant of poker, but is very much a fast card game of chance and luck

Real Time Gaming Red Dog follows the rules of all other Red Dog poker games. It is played on a blackjack sized table, with three cards placed face up. Suits are irrelevant in Red Dog. Many of the online casinos featuring RTG’s Red Dog game allow players to play with real money or just for fun. Players will enjoy this if they are looking to practise their skills before putting down any money on wagers.

Red Dog is actually centred on a dog’s gear, and you will see a dog’s bone in the middle of this table game. As one would imagine, the background colour is a deep red. The game Red Dog originated in the old American West, and is not really a poker game, although most casinos classify it as such.

Winnings Based on Bets Placed

Like any form of poker, Red Dog will give winnings that are based on the bets the player places. Certain bets will give bigger payouts. There is no specific bonus attached to this game, but many of the casinos that offer Real Time Gaming’s Red Dog offer bonuses anyway. Some online casinos have a no deposit bonus that can be used for playing a game of Red Dog.

This game is played using a standard deck of cards. All buttons and functions are clearly labelled, so you can easily access everything required in the game play. Players should remember that the game of Red Dog has a fairly high house edge, which can be improved for the player if the casino uses more than the one deck of cards. This is in contrast to blackjack, where the addition of an extra deck of cards will favour the house.


Playing Red Dog

In Red Dog two cards will be dealt, and then a third card. The ranking of the value of the cards is the same as in poker, which is why Red Dog is considered a variant of poker. If the value of the player’s third card is between the value of the first two cards, then the player will win.  An Ante is placed by the player, and the dealer will deal the two cards to each player. The player can then choose either to raise or double the wager before receiving the next card. If three cards happen to turn up with equal values, then the player will received eleven times the amount of the wager. Pay outs are won depending on the distance between the cards. The closer together the value of the cards is, the bigger will be the payout.

The Real Time Gaming Red Dog game also has an autoplay feature, so you can let the game play automatically for you.

Real Time Gaming has a long history in the online gaming world, and provides countless other casino games. They emphasise speed and reliability, and try always to create an entertaining and fun atmosphere for all players. There are both download and instant flash versions of their games.